What is TBC?

Triad Buying Co-op (TBC) is a food co-op in Winston Salem, NC. We are a local, natural, non-commercial alternative to grocery stores for retail shopping.

TBC is a cooperative organization, owned and operated by its members, who pool resources of time, talent, and money. We are a community aiming to provide high-quality natural products; promote economic, social, and environmental sustainability; and support local farms and producers. We have existed in Winston-Salem since 1974.

What can I get at TBC?

We focus on goods from local farms and local businesses, as well as regional and national suppliers of organic, natural, and sustainable goods. Specific items include:

  • Staples like meat, produce, dairy, bread, and eggs 
  • Dry goods like beans, grains, flours, nuts, dried fruit, and seeds
  • Natural household products and personal care items

Where is TBC?

TBC is located inside Acadia Foods at 228 W Acadia Avenue in Winston Salem, NC. Acadia is a restaurant and coffee shop. Come in, enjoy a coffee or meal, and shop for local and natural groceries!

How do I join?

Membership is not required to shop in the store. Retail shopping is open to all.

Retail memberships are $35 yearly and can be purchased at the cash register. Retail members receive 5% off TBC store purchases and a vote in co-op elections and major decisions.

Working memberships are $35 yearly and require three to four hours of work per month. TBC working members enjoy easy online ordering every week, with order pick up at the co-op on Fridays. Working membership also includes 10% off TBC store purchases and a vote in co-op elections and major decisions.

Please e-mail us with questions and membership inquiries.