Do I have to be a member to shop?

No, we are open to all for retail shopping.

What can I buy?

We focus on goods from local farms and businesses as well as regional and national suppliers of natural, organic, and sustainable goods:

  • Staples like produce, meats, dairy, and eggs
  • Dry goods like herbs, spices, grains, flours, beans, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit¬†¬†
  • Canned and pre-packaged goods
  • Natural household products and personal care items

Where do you get this stuff?

  • National suppliers of natural, organic and sustainable goods like United Natural Foods, Frontier Natural Products, and Equal Exchange
  • Regional suppliers like International Gourmet Foods and Happy Dirt
  • Local farms like Homestead Creamery and Harmony Ridge
  • Local businesses like Vernon Produce and Charlie’s Soap

Will I save money buying from TBC?

It depends. It is best to know current prices if price is your most important consideration.

How do I join?

  • Retail memberships ($35 yearly, 5% off store purchases, vote in co-op elections and major decisions) can be purchased at checkout in the store.
  • For working membership ($35 yearly, three hour monthly work shift, 10% off store purchases, online ordering with Friday pickup, vote in co-op elections and major decisions) e-mail us.

Why should I join?

TBC members provide ourselves and our community with a local, natural, non-commercial alternative to grocery stores for retail shopping.